Friday, May 18, 2012

Eric back in Paris

After visiting Chaumont sur Loire, Eric and Jeremy took the TGV (fast train) back to Paris. It took just over an hour to get the Montmartre station and another 20 mins or so to take the Metro to the hotel near the Arts et Metier station in the center of Paris. The hotel was so convenient to the Metro station which made it great to get around on my last two nights in Paris.
Like most of the hotels we stayed, Austin's (not a very French name) Arts et Metier hotel was small (only 29 rooms on 6 floors), well maintained and not cheap. The best parts of this room were the towels and shower. As I am sure DB&K can attest to my observation that most of the towels on our trip were not too plush nor soft. The shower had plenty of room to move around in without bumping into the faucet or the walls. On Saturday evening, Eric went to dinner with Jeremy and Emmanuel de Bourmont the youngest of the sons of the family I had stayed with during my internship over 20 years ago (amazing how the time flies). We went to La Table d'Ana, a small restaurant within walking distance to the hotel. We shared a bottle of Burgundy wine and Jeremy and I had dinner. Jeremy had the Tartare de daurade et mangue à la coriandre (a fish and mango tartar) and I had the Lasagne aux epinard et chevre (a spinach and goat cheese lasagna). The food was great and reasonably priced.
It was amazing how Emmanuel and I were able to pick-up our conversation as if it had been 20 days not 20 years since we had last seen each other. We discussed Emmanuel's new baby and new job. I got caught-up on the lives of his parents and siblings. We discussed the recent French elections and basically solved all of Europe's and the US problems. Hopefully we can do this a little more frequently than once every 20 years!

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