Friday, May 18, 2012

Sunday Afternoon in the Park

After leaving the cemetery Jeremy and I were again looking for something to eat... Possibly a famous French pastry of some type. Now that Jeremy lives in Munich, he says one thing he really misses are the French pastries. Although they seem to be all over in Paris, Patisseries too seem to be generally closed on Sundays. While walking around Paris (in the wrong direction of our next destination), we found a nice shop with many treats. Although my picture does not do the patisserie justice, you get an idea. We ordered a slice off a huge brioche (charged by weight), a raspberry meringue and mille-feuille (what we call a Napoleon)... Literally translated as "1000 leaves" of pastry.
Amazingly, we did not devour the treats right then but decided to head to a park that Jeremy remembered and eat the treats there. When we got to the park, I was shocked! There was not a "main attraction" in the park. There were no: boom-boxes, footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, or Frisbees. No huge Coleman coolers, no loud groups of teenagers, and no shirtless people who shouldn't be. What I found were thousands (literally) of small groups of people sitting on hills and open spaces enjoying the sun, speaking in hushed tones and possibly noshing on small morsels of food. I told Jeremy that this was about the most foreign experience that I had encountered on my trip. It was so understated, and relaxing... a bit odd for such a big city.

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