Monday, May 7, 2012

Katie and Eric Arrive in Paris

Katie and I arrived at approximately 8am on Sunday morning after tossing and turning in our small Air France seats, eating dinner and breakfast and watching a movie. As you can see our "sleep the entire fight" plan did not work-out. From there we went on a train trip into the city, both of us saying to each other "without us, D&B are going to have a hard time with this". We made it to the hotel well before check-in, and walked around the le Marais and la Place des Voges. We were gathering items for picnic planned for Sunday evening in the park near the Eiffel Tour. We bought macaroons, these baklava-type pastries, the most beautiful and probably the tastiest strawberries I have ever eaten (oh yeah $14 per scant quart), and three types of baguette sandwiches. (Pictures of the chocolate shop and produce shop to come). We then had lunch at a local cafe call Les Philosophes. Katie had a tomato/moz salad and I had a salade asiatique... both were good. After lunch we were able to check into our hotel room. After looking at hundreds of scary hotel picture of other properties in our price range in Paris prior to booking the Hotel de la Bretonnerie, this hotel is small but nice, clean and well-located. We have floor to and including the ceiling cloth wall covering with matching desk chairs and dust ruffles. Another floral pattern is in the bathroom including the ceiling with the curtains to the room matching the bathroom wall and ceiling colors/patterns.... we are not short on color here.... All is good with the hotel and we are just awaiting the arrival of D&B.

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