Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Les Grands Eaux (translation The Big Waters)

Decorating was another area where restraint was not exactly Louis’ watchword. Every square inch inside Versailles is painted, gilded, plastered, embroidered, or otherwise embellished. And every square foot of the massive gardens outside is clipped, trimmed, trained, or decorated with a fountain or statue. Imagine 20 or more fountains like the ones pictured in this posting all flowing, while the air was filled with classical music and opera. The walls of the chateau were hollowed out to allow passageways for the servants, so that they could be invisible most of the time but available at a moment’s notice if needed. It was through one of these passages that Marie-Antoinette tried to escape when the rabble came to “arrest” her and Louis XVI. -BHyre

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  1. I'm glad D & K & B got to see the amazing fountains with E!