Friday, May 18, 2012

A Swim for Old Times Sake

The last thing that Jememy and I did before he returned to Munich, was to head to the pool. I met Jeremy at Ohio State University where he did a 6 month exchange program. He met our group of swimmers one afternoon, and swam with us multiple times per week. Jeremy is the smoothest, most efficient swimmer that most of us have seen. So we decided for ole times sake, we had to go to a public pool in Paris, take a picture and go for a swim. We got to the public pool, and went through the process of entering which I found interesting... We had to enter the men's locker room with "nude" feet, where about three women circulated about mopping floors, wiping down counters and keeping the area clean. We then entered a private changing room and then put our clothes in locker. Then we had to go through a large shower area, walk through an anesthetic foot wash, and put a swim "bonnet" on. Bonnets are mandatory and "Bermudas" are not permitted!
It truly was a very nice 50 meter pool with TONS of people in it! Upon entering the pool of rules, we asked a lifeguard if she could take a picture of us in the water. She said... "it was against the rules to take pictures in the pool area". We were surprised about, and proceeded to ask "why"? And she said that we might get people in the picture that might not want to have their picture taken. Jeez! So we then asked "can we take it up against a wall where nobody would be in the picture"? To which she replied "have someone do it fast for you and I will look the other way... but don't be surprised if you get in trouble by a supervisor".
We did hear from the supervisor, but got the photo anyway... now I am wondering after seeing the picture, why I thought that would be such a great idea... LOL! I love the sign to the right of me saying "Bonnet de Bain Obligatoire" not so thrilled about my part in the picture.

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  1. That pool is beautiful but what's up with all of the rules, dude? You and "Jeremy from France" look very cute in your bonnets!